woman touching her neck

Craniosacral Therapy

with Suzi Hunter-McEwan

Craniosacral therapy works with the cerebrospinal fluid, connective tissue and bone structure to release old trauma from the system. This can provide relief from symptoms of both physical and emotional trauma, injury, disease, stress, or just daily life. This session is catered to each person’s individual needs and becomes a very unique experience for everyone. Suzie has almost 20 years of experience in this field.

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woman's hands massing clothed person


with Renée

A gentle hands-on method for allowing the body to move to a place of comfort for optimal function. It is beneficial for pain management and for alignment of posture. Takes place fully clothed.

woman performing massage


with Dr. Rachel Taylor

Chiropractic care addresses your system from the inside out. You face mental, physical, emotional, and multiple other stressors daily. These add up and are stored in your body. Our adjustments are a gentle, hands-on approach to helping your body unwind through these experiences. We provide services to all, with specialties in perinatal care, pregnancy, newborns, and children.

Dr. Taylor is Webster certified through the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association).

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cupping practice


Cupping is an ancient remedy used across the globe by many cultures. It involves either plastic or glass cups held to the body with suction. Most often used to help release muscle tension, the cups also have been known to draw out “evil chi.” Many people find them very satisfying and helpful, although they aren’t for everyone. It’s worth giving them a try. But be warned, sometimes you will walk away with sucker marks on your back that could last a few days.

person receiving relaxing massage

Meridian Massage and Root Energy Healing

Tui Na (Meridian massage) originated in ancient China and is believed to be the oldest system of bodywork.
Tai Chi Tui Na (Root energy healing therapy) is a unique massage method which incorporates Tai Chi mechanics and ancient Chinese massage. This Method is a natural therapy that is safe, powerful and suitable for a wide range of groups: men and women, young and old, especially suitable for the frail and the elderly. This method originated from the ancient Chinese Imperial Palace and was only used to serve the royal families. And it was kept as a secret until Master Jinle Wu who learned this method from his uncle who started to disseminate it across the mainland China in 2000. The massage is focusing on the lower abdomen and sacral region (Root and sacral Chakra) to activate the human body’s own healing ability and sends energy to the injured part of the body which enables the body to repair itself. Tai Chi Tui Na is not only proved to be effective in treating superficial injuries and musculoskeletal problems, but also good at treating chronic diseases caused by imbalance of multiple internal organs because its penetrating power.