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Healing Touch

with Renee

Healing Touch (HT) is a heart-centered energy therapy to support and facilitate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and self-healing. HT may reduce pain, anxiety, and stress, enhance recovery from surgery, and create a sense of well-being. Call (210)687-6283.

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Synergy Sessions

Some people say this unique experience will stop time and give your body, mind and spirit the renewal you’re ready for. Enter another realm through Aromatherapy, Healing Touch energy work, hand and foot reflexology and balancing auricular acupuncture within a bath of healing sound. This takes place in a recliner chair in our community healing room. Masks will be worn at all times and we will be using proper sanitation along with a HEPA filter.

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Past Life Regression

with Tara

Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. When we explore theses memories we are able to release attachment to the emotions experienced which allows us to change the behavior or heal the symptoms associated with the memory.

During a session you will be safely led through 2 to 3 of your past lives to:

  • Discover the origins of phobias, fears, and longstanding patterns
  • Reclaim talents, skills, passions and abilities from prior lives
  • Deepen insight into the nature of your present life
  • Discovery of life lessons and purpose
  • Get a fuller understanding and acceptance of yourself
  • Get validation of your current path and boost your spiritual growth

To schedule, email info@bricklilly.com or call Tara at (856)341-0132.

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with Renee

Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka Tapping): Tapping on meridian points while repeating words and statements specific to the particular issue, and holding the intention to reduce / eliminate the intensity. It is beneficial for: Stress Management, Anxiety, Depression, Pain Management, Phobias, and has many other applications.Call (210)687-6283.

woman receiving reiki healing


with Tara

Reiki is the transfer of Universal Life Energy to a client to remove blockages of energy within the body. Through traumas and daily life experiences, energy can become stagnant and stuck in various parts of our bodies resulting in emotional and physical ailments. Reiki can be used to relieve pain, anxiety, fatigue, and/or treat depression.

To schedule, email info@bricklilly.com or call Tara at (856)341-0132.

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Shamanic Healing

with Olivia

The Way Of The Snowbird.

The Snowbird goes where she is wanted, needed, called. She is home on Turtle Island, and her Medicine reaches those who call for it. The Way Of The Snowbird is to understand that borders are nonexistent when it comes to Healing. The Snowbird transgresses all borders, religions, regions, and belief systems. Like the Canada Geese, the Snowbird follows the call of instinct, of Inuition, and allows an ear to the ground to guide her next migration.

To schedule your session with Olivia, call or text her at (301) 537-8200.

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with Renee

Combines diaphragmatic breathing with heart-focused breathing techniques. Can help you to build resilience, replace an attitude or feeling with one that is more rejuvenating, access your heart’s intuitive guidance and radiate care and compassion.Call (210)687-6283.

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with Tara

Hypnotherapy allows access to subconscious patterns which gives us an opportunity to adjust or release them. When under hypnosis, your mind and body is put into a heightened state of learning, making you more susceptible to suggestions for self-improvement or behavior changes. Hypnotherapy can help treat/manage phobias, addiction, relationship/family/work conflicts, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and/or PTSD.

To schedule, email info@bricklilly.com or call Tara at (856)341-0132.

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