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Empowerment + Clarity Session

with Diana


Sessions to help you with shifting one area of life to align with your desires and goals. In these sessions, we break down the action steps into manageable steps to help you achieve the desired outcome.

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Guidance and Healing

with Maeve


Activate your ability to heal yourself and continue on your path to oneness. Schedule a virtual healing session today where guidance, release, and a better quality of life await you! Be well!

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Holistic Wellness Coaching

with Olivia


Holistic Wellness Coaching Package of 6, 1:1 60-minute holistic coaching sessions to gain clarity on where you are at and where you want to be, blast through blocks and self-limiting beliefs, and take action on the road of self-confidence and inner peace. Commit to yourself and your expansion and you shall receive!

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Intuitive Rewire

with Diana


Deep healing session to identify your negative unconscious patterns and beliefs. These sessions include energy work, inner child healing, and belief reprogramming to rewire your subconscious mind for more empowering beliefs.

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Personal Life Coaching

with Lecia


When you engage Lecia as your personal coach, you will be giving yourself the gift of knowing yourself better, making strides towards your goals, and making invigorating life choices. Engaging a coach provides you the opportunity to explore your strengths and what holds you back from your best self and helps you identify and live out your authentic values and purpose. Making choices that serve your inner drive and values is healing and helps you experience the wholeness of your true you. Having a coach means having a journey-guide who asks the tough questions, believes in you, stimulates your creativity, and challenges you to be your best!

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QHHT Hypnosis & Rapid Transformational Hypnosis


Trauma-informed and inclusive support for people experiencing chronic ailments. Common conditions supported include fibromyalgia, mold illness/exposure, toxic heavy metals, Lyme disease, chronic Epstein Barr, cognitive challenges, skin issues, and autoimmune disorders. Mon primarily works with herbal and nutritional therapeutics, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations. Herbal recommendations can look like custom formulated tinctures/extracts, powders, and teas. Mon also offers guidance on adjunct therapies (such as acupuncture, energy healing, etc) and advises on integrative approaches with conventional medicine when collaboration is possible and desired.

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