yoga mats with bolsters and blankets ready for class

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, and with limited numbers in each class, we are offering in-person classes now.  (social distancing / masks required)  We love our movement studio with its sprung floor that’s easy on the joints.

Individual classes $15.

TAI CHI with QINGYUN  Thursdays at 6pm

Yang family style Tai Chi Quan is one of the most popular forms practiced worldwide for its health benefits. Based on the Chen style, Yang Luchan, a Hebei native of the Qing Dynasty, created Yang style tai chi. Yang taichi’s movements are softer, transitions between postures are smoother and easier to practice.

This class will include 15 minutes Qi Gong warm up and 45 minutes first part of Yang-style tai chi which has 14 postures.
Class will take place on the back patio of Nourish. But sometimes in the movement studio if weather does not permit.

ZEN INK PAINTING (Old-Japanese Style, Kneeling) Fridays at 9am

Mary Bowman has been teaching this mindful art form for almost 55 years.  All materials will be provided.  Just dress comfortably and be prepared to kneel while painting.  No artistic experience necessary.

Drop-In Class: $15 (plus $3 for art materials.  Or bring your own)

BODY-WISE  fitness class with Ranjana Thomas (MONDAYS at 6pm)

Workout smarter, not harder. This one-hour session combines functional fitness, breathing exercises and a short mindfulness exercise. Torch calories and set your body up to be strong and energetic! Classes held outdoors at Nourish Healing Collective. LIMITED SPACE AND NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS.

Yoga-for-Reproductive-HealthYOGA for Reproductive Health WORKSHOP with Lauren Mason   Saturday, April 17 3pm-5pm

At the center of our being exist the primal needs for connection and creation, and the practice of yoga can help us better understand these needs and how to fulfill them. Whether you are trying to conceive, currently pregnant, or have no desire to actually reproduce, caring for this part of our being is essential. In this workshop, learn movement and yoga practices to come home in your body, connect with your primal desires, and support your health holistically. Proper social distancing and other safety measures will be observed for this class, so space is limited. Be sure to claim your space soon! $35