ivania guitierrez



Single session – $11 – $33 (tips are appreciated)

Womb Reiki

30 minutes – Sliding Scale Pricing $15-$25

Yoni Steam

1 hour (30 minute consultation & 30 minute Yoni Steam) $45 First Time Clients / $35 Returning Clients

Ivania Gutierrez is a Certified Yoni Healing & Steaming Practitioner, Reproductive Health Educator, and healer with a passion for reproductive healthcare, community organizing, and spiritual traditions. Raised on the Rio Grande Valley-Mexico border, she embraces her generational expertise from her family’s spiritual practices by integrating sacred traditions into her own practice, offering spiritual, holistic healing. As an experienced Reproductive Health Educator, Ivania combines her professional expertise with her commitment to supporting others in their healing journey. She offers physical, emotional, and spiritual support, specializing in reproductive issues, self-empowerment, and healing from sexual trauma. Ivania aims to provide a safe, stigma-free space for all people. She offers Yoni Steaming, Barridas, and Womb Reiki at Nourish.