Jamie Malone’s mission is to help guide others on their journey to vibrant wellbeing. She is called to do this by supporting your skin to function optimally in its natural state of radiance. When we trust in our bodies’ intelligence while gently giving it the tools it needs to perform it’s best for us. Truly transformational results can happen!

Jamie utilizes the technique of Brooklyn Herborium and their line of skincare products called Between You & the Moon. Each product is carefully crafted and made by hand in small batches, with no preservatives, pesticides, or artificial ingredients. Jamie was previously an herbal crafting apprentice with them, where she learned to craft each product. It is because of this experience that she fully trusts these products; as she has seen exactly what goes into producing them and learned where they source ingredients. She’s experienced firsthand the transformational results and shift in mindset from following the practices they teach and she looks forward to sharing this with you! They are based out of Brooklyn and it is my honor to be able to bring these products and services to my community in Texas.

Here is a link to the Brooklyn Herborium website, which has great resources where you can read further on the philosophy of functional skincare: https://brooklynherborium.com/