leejay poets


Customized Massage

30 minutes – $60
60 minutes – $120
90 minutes – $175

Hotstone – $20
Cupping – $20



Customized 30 min facial – $50
Customized 1 hour facial – $100
Customized 1.5 hour facial – $150

Microdermasion – $30
Chemical peel – $40


Leejay has been a licensed massage therapist for 12 years. She loves to use her healing hands to implement wellness physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. She can adjust her pressure from light to deep as needed. She is certified in Neuromuscular therapy, prenatal, stretching & Reiki. Neuromuscular therapy can help headaches, sciatic nerve issues, and fibromyalgia. Her favorite approach to help her clients feel better is using a med/firm pressure where you can feel the work being done, but be able to relax, and still breathe naturally. She loves to implement stretching of the hip flexors for all her clients because our hips can store a lot of difficult emotions. Booking a massage with Leejay will guarantee leaving balanced, refreshed & restored.



Leejay has specialized in corrective skincare for the past 10 years. Despite all of the advanced modalities & technologies for facials, she loves referring back to basics and implementing a nourishing, deep cleanse facial. She specializes in working with acneic, dry, & oily skin as well as getting to the root of these skin issues. These issues initially stem from poor gut health & stress, which we’ll discuss with further consultation.