mayi sapien

Call or text to book: (830) 273-1876

*Mayi is visually impaired and so you will be seeing her at her own home which is located close to Nourish.  



60 minutes – $95
During a Reiki session we address the needs of your energy system to evaluate the blockages. These stuck places come from toxic emotions, stress and negativity. Tuning your aura with Reiki allows new pure, clear and pristine healing spiritual energy to flow.

Coming from a large and close family, I’ve learned the values of respect, education and hard work. They are cornerstone values that I incorporate into my social and professional life. Becoming visually impaired while raising my own family I was able to develop skills and talents that helped me be successful. Through my impairment of one sense, my internal sight and sensitivity has helped me as a holistic therapist. It has been very useful to overcome my own limitations and barriers.

In 1996 I began building my skills in bioenergetic natural healing techniques such as Bio-quantum, Biomagnetic therapy, Bach Floral Remedies, Universal Energy, Pranic Healing, and of course First, Second and Masters degrees in Reiki. I find these are helpful spiritual tools to guide us towards strong connection with the inner peace and wisdom of our own Higher Self.