olivia rivers

Olivia Rivers is a Shamanic Spiritual Healer at The Way Of The Snowbird.

The Snowbird goes where she is wanted, needed, called. She is home on Turtle Island, and her Medicine reaches those who call for it. The Way Of The Snowbird is to understand that borders are nonexistent when it comes to Healing. The Snowbird transgresses all borders, religions, regions, and belief systems. Like the Canada Geese, the Snowbird follows the call of instinct, of Inuition, and allows an ear to the ground to guide her next migration.

Trained in Shamanism, Angel Fire, and Quantum Shamanic Reiki by Algonquin Medicine Man Pete Bernard, Olivia is equipped to facilitate healing for her clients in the areas of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges. Whatever you need healing for, we have a Ceremony for that.