Rachel Olsson, APRN, CNM, CPM Rachel is a nurse practitioner and midwife who practices functional medicine for women’s health.  She received her advanced nursing degrees from the University of Iowa and Philadelphia University.  Rachel works with women of All ages (teens through menopause) to optimize their health and well-being. She does preconception and fertility care, prenatal care and integrative postpartum care, as well as GYN and general women’s health.  Over the past 14 years Rachel has spent time working in various capacities in 3 hospitals, 3 birth centers, 2 home birth practices, 1 sexual health clinic, and gave birth to two boys at home with midwives. She is certified in John Barnes’ style of Myofascial Release and has been certified by Dr. Crista for treating mold illness.

Rachel feels there is a loss of human connection and quality in so many aspects of society today.  Women’s health is a vulnerable realm, and begs to be addressed with dignity and individualization.  She believes in both evidence-based care as well as making women’s health a positive and comfortable experience. She does specialized pelvic exams with assessment of pelvic tone and breathing, Pap smears, and microscopic exams, as well as basic (thyroid, anemia, etc) and comprehensive functional medicine testing like stool testing, nutrient testing, and mold testing.

She additionally is a certified prenatal yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance and teaches Integrative Coming of Age Classes for girls age 9-19 years.

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