young woman with eyes closed behind vines

Facial Rejuvenation

with Juniper

Facial Rejuvenation meets community acupuncture.  Chinese Medical Cosmetology dates back to at least the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC).  Facial rejuvenation acupuncture was once a sacred technique provided only for the royal women of the court.  Not only does it reveal the outer beauty via the skin but it’s thought to bring the radiance of the spirit up into the face. This ancient technique is thought to lessen wrinkles, tone sagging facial muscles, reduce the puffiness under the eyes and re-sculpt the contours along their cheeks and jawline.

closeup of hairless upper lip

Permanent Hair Removal

(Electrolysis) with Jen

Electrolysis uses a fine metal presterilized, disposable probe to treat each individual hair follicle. The probe is the same diameter as the hair shaft and is gently inserted into the hair follicle. A slight amount of current is applied to permanently destroy hair germ cells so new hair will never grow from that follicle again. Electrolysis the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal which was developed in the late 1800s. But don’t worry Jen’s electrolysis machine is up-to-date! Her equipment of choice is the Apilus xCell that uses 27.12 MHz of ultrafast radio frequency focusing the energy more intensely at the base of the hair, producing permanent results much more quickly on all hair types, comfortably.

woman getting facial

Holistic Facials

with Jamie

Functional Facials are specifically tailored to your skin’s needs in order to support the skin in its quest to function at optimal vibrancy. Functional Facials, as a cornerstone of your personal skin care, can help to resist and reset the effects of time, stress, and environmental factors. In addition, consistent meetings with your Holistic Skin Care Specialist will give you the support you need to continue along your healing journey and keep your skin functioning optimally.

A 75 minute Functional Facial includes:

• Holistic consultation with analysis

• Cleansing

• Steaming with herbs (as appropriate)

• Manual removal of debris (extractions, including milia as appropriate)

• Customized, hand-blended treatment mask

• Treatment massage to promote overall vitality (Facial Point Stimulation & Lymphatic Drainage)

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